I just write about the things that haunt me the most. And you know, that sounds kind of depressing, but good things can haunt you the same way as bad things can haunt you. Good memories can leave even more of a mark or a scar on your heart as the bad times, and the bad memories, and the slamming doors, and the fights. So when I say that I write about things that haunt me, they’re not always about bad ghosts.”

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when the fella over there doesn’t have hella good hair


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inspired by x
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Taylor Swift - Shake it Off

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One of the things you can expect is that I’m really trying to challenge myself in every single way possible to make music that doesn’t sound like music I’ve made before, when you get into the album there are a lot of late eighties sounds and vocal stylings and production elements. We were really just playing around with this album and didn’t limit ourselves, what ended up happening was we made an album that really sounds like an album, it’s really sonically cohesive, and I’m really proud of it.

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